Saturday, 15 September 2012

On Ofcom's attack on my Libya commentary on RT...

It seems here that British broadcasting regulator Ofcom, that took Press TV off the air in Britain earlier this year, has taken issue with me in their broadcast bulletin in regards to some of my commentary on Russia Today during the NATO bombing of Libya.

First of all, all of the commentary I provided was factual, and there is nothing I can find in it in hindsight that I disagree with. Of course I spoke in a way that clearly showed that I was against the NATO invasion, which does betray partiality. But the only thing out of the ordinary in regards to that is not my partiality, but that I was partial towards respect for international law, whereas many news items in the mainstream western media are clearly partial towards illegal intervention in sovereign countries. They repeatedly cite that it was a news item but this is a clear manipulation as RT and most news stations frequently have commentators who express their opinions on a news item. 

Got to love how the Brits only love the freedom of speech that endorses their criminality.

Here are more of my comments earlier this year from a Press TV debate about Ofcom 


  1. Wow, that is a shame Lizzie! And I even agree with most of the criticism of Ofcom! Your work in Lybia was worth watching because it was different.

    Its always healthy to hear different opinions, especially if you don't agree with them. And we definitely don't need some regulator to tell us what to watch! Let the people decide whether you are a Bagdad Bob or a brave independent observer.

    Besides that, you at least deserve some kudos for being one of the first to talk about the black lynching in lybia

  2. Back in May 2012, Ofcom was looking for any excuse to ban Press TV, and your excellent work, Lizzie, was one of many straws they grasped at. (The bulleting didn’t even mention George Galloway.) Ofcom wanted to retaliate for Press TV’s showing of an interview with Newsweek “journalist” Maziar Bahari, a suspected MI6 operative who Iran had detained for 118 days in 2009. Who watches TV anyway? I watch everything on the Internet, including your Press TV and RT interviews.

  3. Westminster and the quangos are full of liars. That is what they are paid to do.

  4. This should not be taken to heart, OFCOM berating you!! The truth does not have a perspective or side, this is what you told. One of the greatest coups mainstream media have managed to pull is to bring everything including the facts under the umbrella of opinion. Its a clever ploy the lone truth, which is what truth/fact always is mired with the myriad of lies, half truths & biased opinion. Well done to you & other truth seeking, independent journalists. Also at least professionally you have now been brought to the attention of the powers that be. This is to be commended, you're having an impact.

  5. This is disgraceful and ridiculous. Apparently it is ok to incite violence in Libya by incessantly telling the world blatant lies about Gaddafi's (non-existent) policies of systematic rape and his legions of African mercenaries, but criticising NATO might get your station taken off the air. The mainstream media in Britain was absolutely biased in it's coverage of Libya. The Guardian newspaper didn't even mention the horrors being inflicted on black Libyans until the war was basically over. Why is Britain's broadcasting regulator not after these media outlets? Armed racist gangs were called 'civilians', while the Libyan army was constantly vilified.

    Just shows you how deep the control goes - official narratives are pummelled into our brains while alternative opinions get attacked by so called 'objective' institutions.

    It's sickening.