Thursday, 12 July 2012

Fired employee is the only witness brought against Dr Dorda

Dr Abuzaid Dorda, Libya's former permanent representative to the UN who was captured last year by one of the militias in Tripoli that NATO brought to power, and has since spent months in detention enduring extreme torture is now facing a sham trial in a kangaroo court. His trial has been postponed three times, the last time two days ago on July 10th when he said the following:

I preferred not to talk so that I don't ruin my lawyers defense which until now I have no idea what it is because until now I didn't get to meet him, and since the day I was caught I met with the previous justice minister who is head of the human rights council and asked him that who ever comes to investigate with me comes from the government itself but since that day I was moved from militia to militia to militia interrogated by child after child after child and once I was interrogated for seven hours -  a man in my medical situation and gone through what I've gone through.

And even my court date I was told about it after it was announced on TV and at that time it had been seven months that I was in prison and I haven't met my lawyer. Why was it I was interrogated without my lawyer? Even until now I've yet to meet my lawyer. And when I was interrogated I was told that you couldn't find a thing on me so where are you coming up with all of these accusations which I am completely innocent from and why is it from EVERY position and ministry I've held the only witness you brought against me was someone I've fired for inappropriate behaviour years ago.

Dr Abuzaid Dorda


  1. there is need to U N O to look after this matter as human rights violation.
    i appeal to amnesty international that it should provide legal assistance to former Libya U N representative.


    Amnesty International cannot be trusted, will post a link in due course.

    But for the moment Lizzie read this excellent article on the Syrian Opposition. This is what I call journalism.

    One man paid for by London/Washington to sit and invent atrocities from his home in Coventry. His name Ram Abdel Rahman.

    Please spread the names of these people around . I know your hands or full with Libya and rightly so but Syria also needs you.

    God bless xx